Water shortage grips cantonment areas

Residents of cantonment areas are facing acute water shortage in the wake of suspension of supply from Khanpur Dam, and they were left with no option but to go for private tankers.

The situation went from bad to worse in areas of Chaklala Cantonment Board including Kalma Chowk, Harley Street, Tahli Mohri, Jhawara and Kamalabad as there was no tube well in the area and people relied on water supply from Khanpur Dam.

In Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, worst hit areas include Afshan Colony, Misrial Road, Allahabad, Aliabad, Dhoke Hafiz and adjoining areas.

The water supply to twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has been suspended from Feb 1 to Feb10 due to dredging of canal from Khanpur Dam to Sangjani Filteration Plant.
Talking to Dawn, CCB Vice President Raja Irfan Imtiaz blamed limited tube wells for water shortage in the Chaklala Cantonment areas.

He said underground water had receded in the cantonment areas and they had few tube wells along The Mall, Askari and other areas while more than seven wards were facing water shortage.
Source : https://www.dawn.com/news/1532718

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