The mayor of London will visit Chile

The principal representative of Londons financial district, Vincent Quinney, will visit Santiago from May 3 to 4. The program includes meetings with government officials, financial associations and representatives of the Chilean business world, which aims to strengthen trade relations between London and the Chilean city.
Lord Meyer will visit Chile and Brazil.
In Chile, his visit will focus on bilateral cooperation in green finance, open banking, fantasy and participation in financial services, as well as the UKs role in financial services and innovation.
Events Lord Mayor will attend include a meeting with the Fantic Association on women at Fantic and a public-private roundtable on green finance chaired by the Ministry of Finance.
Lord Mayor is expected to lead discussions on challenges and opportunities in the Open Banking Regulations, present UK strategy and share processes for making the UK experience dynamic yet secure in Chile How to help build the ecosystem.
Another topic to be discussed is the UKs potential to develop internationally as a market for Chilean technology companies, as well as to promote cooperation between public authorities.

London ranks Dubai as the top city for foreign investment in finance

London last year attracted more foreign investment in financial firms than any other city, demonstrating the Square Miles appeal to investors even after Britains separation from the European Union.
According to a report published by the City of London Corporation on Tuesday, the British capital attracted 4,600 million ($764 million) to invest in 114 financial and professional services projects by 2021. This puts it ahead of the likes of Dubai, Singapore, New York. and Paris.
Overall, the United Kingdom attracted 186 projects worth 11.1 billion in 2021, ranking second behind 234 attractions to the United States, the report said, detailing the value of investments guaranteed by other countries. Not to mention, its a reminder of financial sustainability. Its role as one of Britains most important exports.
Catherine McGuinness, City of London policy chair, said in her report: "We have to give this sector a future and ensure that we remain globally competitive."
The report says that by 2021, the number of financial and professional services packages attracted to the UK will increase by 8%. But with a 30 percent decline in foreign investment in finance and insurance between 2019, there is still a long way to go before the epidemic can reach preventative levels. And globally 2020.

Sadiq Khan has won a second term

Current London Mayor Sadiq Khan has won a second term, beating his Conservative rival Shaun Bailey.

The former MP, who became the first Muslim mayor of an EU capital city back in 2016, gained 55.2% of the votes. He failed to reach his record-setting vote total of 2016, but won the latest election with a 228,000-vote majority.

Speaking after the results were announced, Mr Khan said: "I will always be a mayor for all Londoners, working to improve the lives of every single person in this city."

The final results of the London Assembly election have also been announced, with the Labour Party securing the majority of the 25 seats and the Conservative Party coming in at a close second.

Sadiq Khan has 22-point lead in new London Mayor opinion poll

Sadiq Khan has extended his lead in the London Mayor election campaign to 22 points, an increase of two compared with last month, according to a new opinion poll.

The incumbent Mayor was found to be the first preference choice of 50% of the 2,000 Londoners polled by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, with his closest rival, Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey, static on 28%.

Luisa Porritt, the recently-announced Liberal Democrat candidate, and the Green Party’s Sian Berry are in joint third place with 10% each. Exactly half of the poll’s respondents said they are “certain” to vote in the postponed election on 6 May 2021.

The poll shows that Khan’s support has remained solid for the past three months in polls conducted by the same company, standing at 49% in early August and 48% in early September. Support for Bailey has also remained almost entirely unchanged, standing at 26% in the August poll and 28% last month.

Khan’s high level of support creates the possibility that he could win next May’s postponed mayoral election on first preference votes alone by receiving more than 50% of them, which would be the first time such an outcome had occurred since the creation of the mayoralty 20 years ago.

Mayor launches new £ 1million LEAP innovation grant scheme

The Mayor of London and Chairman of LEAP, Sadiq Khan, has pledged to help small businesses and community groups in London not only recover from the current coronavirus crisis, but to ensure they are better prepared to future emergencies.

To support this ambition, LEAP has committed £ 1million to a new resilience fund, which is part of the wider London Growth Hub offering. The fund will help small businesses on Londons main streets and many local community groups keep pace with the accelerated pace of change after the pandemic and improve their own resilience to future crises.

Businesses, social enterprises and community groups will be matched with innovators to help them find new ways to deliver their products and services in these new circumstances. There will be grants of up to £ 50,000 to support the design and testing of these innovations.

Examples of innovations that could be supported by the fund range from new ways of capturing data and digital infrastructure (for example, to support the operational resilience of businesses) to ways of using data and technology to identify and address vulnerabilities in supply chains. supply, local production of food or energy.

Organizations that make the best use of data and technology have proven to be more sustainable in times of crisis.

The London Resilience Fund, which is funded by recycled investments secured by LEAPs £ 112million Growing Placed Revolving Fund, is the latest part of the Mayors and LEAPs plan to help small businesses and local communities in London to survive. and thrive after the pandemic. Yesterday the mayor announced that LEAP would use £ 1million to match the money the public has spent on the success of LEAPs Pay It Forward London crowdfunding initiative, and around 200 small businesses are expected to benefit . From the capital.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “The past few months have tested the resilience of London and Londoners like never before. As businesses and communities in the capital adjust to a post-Covid future, it is essential that we learn the lessons of the pandemic and ensure that we are prepared for the future. This fund will help our small businesses and local community groups better prepare for that future.

“Our small businesses and voluntary organizations are the lifeblood of our streets and communities. Many of them are now struggling to survive and I am determined to give them all the support I can.

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