First Meetup with Mr. Kevin Clarke

I joined TTC for the first time since my incident in April, specifically to meet with Mr. Kevin Clarke and offered to help with his mayoral campaign. Unfortunately Im late, but it helps. However, when I got to his place, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked around his apartment and wondered "Where is he?". Finally someone sitting at the door said "You look lost". I told him I was looking for Mr Clarke. He laughed and replied, "Dont worry, he was probably headed to Tim Hortons or McDonalds five minutes ago. Youll probably see him screaming in the streets as usual, wearing a brown suit. Yeah, you cant miss it." ." I thanked him and ran to Tim… I found someone in a brown jacket, but it wasnt him. Later on my way to McDonalds, I found a man in a suit standing over a public mailbox yelling at the driver about his candidacy to bring change to Toronto. Especially for the homeless and vulnerable people. He wasnt wearing brown clothes as others had said but I knew right away that he was Mr Clarke. Thats how I first met him. Although he was surprisingly soft-spoken when I met him and struggled to hear him at times, I could tell that he was a very thoughtful and passionate man who clearly saw the opportunity he was facing. Ignored as he continued to move towards his goal. . His people, of whom he lived, himself. Although we may have different perspectives on how to help the people of Toronto, his heart is strong and pure. He is a faithful servant of God and an inspiration to everyone in Toronto. Either black or white, rich or poor. This is why I feel he is the one who should really represent the city of Toronto as mayor. One thing that stuck with me was what he did with the Canadian flag and the people. Even though we all look different and have different amounts of melanin, in the end she says we are all red and white inside. We all have red blood cells and white blood cells that keep us alive and together. So our red and white flag represents all Canadians, that we are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day.