motto of Ferin Y Malek (4 Mayor)

"Be honest, loyal and have solid morals and ethics, rest all will follow."
Vote on 24th October
My motto:
1.) Equality for all genders of society.
2.) Stricter rules and regulations to promote more biking lanes, trees and sidewalks.
3. Have more policing around the city.
4.) No carding unnecessarily based on their colour as it hurts peoples mental health.
5.) Homelessness should be eliminated. Provide them permanent shelters.
6.) Noise pollution should be reduced and strict policies should be formed.
7.) Yearly monitoring of rent and tax increase or decrease.
8.) More shelters in general for all genders of society.
9. Hunger and poverty should be eliminated.
10.)Streetcars, buses and trains should be free for first 3 days for newcomers and students.
11.) Rentbank help and rent cap.
12.) More Arts budget.
13.) Businesses shouldnt pay 120% tax. Make it less based on evaluations.
14.) More equal pay for LGBTQ+, women and Indigenous people.
15.) Hire more women in workplace.
16.) Returning women after maternity should be given priority and equal stand when they return to work
13.) Many more policies based on yearly evaluation.
14.)Make Healthcare a prioroty and make system work faster
15.) Construction funding for building more hospitals and hiring doctors faster for the City of Toronto. Make Medical entrance for Canada a bit easier so that more doctors can serve our society.
16.) Higher tax for empty properties and eliminate air tax for businesses.