Conduct of Cantonment Elections

The Election Commission directed the office to expedite the registration of electoral groups wishing to participate in the elections so as to ensure that the elections are held as soon as possible. Regarding the conduct of Cantonment elections, the director Military Land Cantonment informed the Election Commission that the Ministry of Defence has sent a summary to the federal government to request the Election Commission to conduct the elections under Section 58 (2) of the Federal Government Cantonment Ordinance. Given the importance of the matter, the Ministry of Defence has 15 days to take necessary steps at the relevant level.

RCB serves notices on encroachers

The Enforcement Cell of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) launching its anti-encroachment drive conducted operation in Peshawar Road markets and bazars on Thursday.
The plan to initiate operation against encroachers and cartpushers was taken on the directions of Station Commander and president of the Cantonment Boards, Rawalpindi and Chakala, Brig Ijaz Qamar Kiani who the other day paid surprise visits to Peshawar Road and other wards, expressing concern over the presence of hub of encroachment and pushcarts in bazars and markets.

غیر قانونی عمارتوں کے 1785 نقشوں کی منظوری

راولپنڈی کنٹونمنٹ بورڈ (آر سی بی) نے جاری ایمنسٹی اسکیم کے تحت غیر قانونی عمارتوں کے 1785 نقشوں کی منظوری دے دی ہے۔ ترجمان آر سی بی کے مطابق ، اس طرح کی عمارتوں کے 572 نقشے زیر عمل ہیں۔

انہوں نے بتایا کہ بورڈ نے غیر قانونی رہائشی عمارتوں کے لئے عام معافی اسکیم شروع کی ہے جس کے تحت مالکان سے کہا گیا ہے کہ وہ جرمانے کے بغیر اپنے غیر قانونی ڈھانچے کو قانونی حیثیت دیں۔

انہوں نے بتایا کہ غیر قانونی عمارتوں کے مالکان ایک منظور شدہ معمار کے ذریعہ اپنے عمارت کا نقشہ تیار کرنے کے لئے 2500 روپئے کی فیس ادا کریں گے جو باقاعدہ منظوری کے لئے بورڈ کو پیش کیا جائے گا ، انہوں نے بتایا اور بتایا کہ الہ آباد میں تین فیلڈ دفاتر قائم کیے گئے ہیں۔ وارڈ نمبر 1 اور 10 کے رہائشی ، وارڈ نمبر 2،3،4،8 اور 9 کے لئے ویلی روڈ اور وارڈ نمبر 5 ، 6 اور 7 کے لئے باراف خانہ ، میسریل روڈ۔

انہوں نے کہا ، بینرز ، پوسٹروں اور اخبارات کے اشتہاروں کے ذریعے بھی خصوصی آگاہی مہم چلائی گئی ہے۔ انہوں نے بتایا کہ اسکیم کا آغاز صدر کنٹونمنٹ بورڈ بریگیئر کی ہدایت پر کیا گیا تھا۔

Cantt Residents Advised To Regularize Illegal Buildings Under Amnesty Scheme

The authorities of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) on Thursday advised the residents to regularize illegal buildings under amnesty scheme.

According to RCB spokesman, the amnesty scheme for illegal domestic structures, launched by RCB has been extended until December 31.

He said that the board had launched an amnesty scheme for illegal residential buildings under which the owners had been asked to legalise their illegal structures without fines.

The amnesty scheme was announced for illegal structures of domestic units, constructed before 2015, he added.

The owners of the illegal buildings would pay a fee of Rs2500 to have their building map made by an approved architect which would be submitted to the board for formal approval, he said and said that three field offices had been set up in Allahabad for the residents of Ward Number 1 & 10, Valley Road for Ward Number 2,3,4,8 & 9 and Baraf Khana, Masrial Road for Ward Number 5, 6 & 7.

He said special awareness campaign had also been launched through banners, posters and newspapers ads.

To a question he said that a special operation against illegal constructions in commercial areas would also be launched soon.

The citizens could also get registered their complaints at CB Care application, he added.

He said that the board was also preparing a list of the officials, allegedly involved in illegal construction so that after proper inquiry, strict disciplinary action could be taken.

He said the amnesty scheme had been launched to legalise all illegal structures in the cantonment areas to bring the practice to an end.

RCB introduces amnesty scheme for building plan

On Monday the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board announced Contour of Amnesty Scheme of Building Plan for residential properties, which has already entered into force since September 1, 2020

Speaking to the media, both paper and electronic, executive officer Malik Mohammad Omar Farooq Ali along with additional CEO Maria Jabeen said the amnesty plan is the first of its kind ever introduced in the cantons council led by the RCB president, Brig Ijaz Qamar Kiani, who is also commander of the Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonal council station.

Malik Munir Ahmed, vice-president of the RCB and members were present a briefing during press conference. The first two construction plans approved by the council under the aforementioned amnesty program were handed over to the owners by President Cantt.

The CEO, RCB, while briefing the media, clarified the contours of the policy and said he was quite optimistic that RCB residents will make the most of this opportunity. He told the media that there will be no intermediaries interacting in the whole process and the procedure has been made transparent and the staff on the ground have been tasked with spreading the awareness message about the Amnesty Program by allowing the public to take advantage of the benefits. of the scheme to the maximum. According to careful estimates approx. the 30,000 persons will take advantage of this opportunity. The scheme in question has so far received an overwhelming response and is likely to be successful.

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