University and Belfast City Council join forces to tackle climate change

Ulster University and Belfast City Council have come together in a unique research partnership to make a practical and tangible impact on the climate change emergency.
Supporting Belfast City Council’s draft Resilience Strategys ambition for ‘an inclusive, low-carbon, climate resilient economy in a generation, the Architects of Change project puts students from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the heart of developing a training programme for business leaders to bridge the green skills gap.
“It will put students – our future leaders – at the centre of a dedicated sustainability and carbon emissions training programme, where they will learn and test concepts and strategies and then pass this knowledge on to city leaders, partners and peers.”

In the longer term, results of the project will deliver concepts and strategies for the design, planning, construction and management of climate resilient, net zero emission buildings and communities.

It will focus on improving the health and well-being of citizens, users and communities.

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