NRO for Opposition greatest act of treason

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said if anyone grants the Opposition an NRO (concession under National Reconciliation Ordinance), "it will be the greatest act of treason against the country".

"The enemy wouldnt have acted in a way worse than such a person who lets them off the hook," said the premier, during an address following the unveiling of several development projects in Chakwal.

He said that today, in a never before seen manner, the Opposition is "targeting" the army and criticising it just like the "India propaganda machine".

"So I know and our members of parliament were saying this the way the political Opposition is levelling criticism on the army is unprecedented in Pakistans history," PM Imran Khan said.

He said former military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf was also criticised but he was the countrys leader as well as the army chief, "so yes of course he was criticised".

"But the sort of language that is being used for the army today is the kind that Indias propaganda machine uses against the army."

He said that many people of the area - from Jhelum, Chakwal, and Mianwali - had joined the army and had rendered numerous sacrifices in the service of the armed forces.
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Major Political Set Back Expected in New Year in Chakwal

Political Scenario of District Chakwal will surely observe major changes on the start of New Year. After the establishment of PTI GOVT in Punjab and federal level, Chakwali politics is totally stagnant. Hafiz Ammar Yasir is maintaining hold in Tehsil Talagang and Lawa while Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Dullha and Raja Yasir Sarfraz Khan are present here in Tehsil Chakwal. Sardaran e Chakwal are in defensive position. PPP and Muslim League (N) seem to be joint on single platform in coming New Year. PPP is in weak position in Chakwal but three parliamentarians General Abdul Qayoom, Malik Tanveer Aslam Sethi and Mehwish Sultana are still active in Chakwal. However this situation is very interested and it is expected that some major change is not out of question in New Year which can our turn the present prevailing situation.
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